Microsoft office365 for my dream publication house

Microsoft office365 for my dream publication house

"You don't need to lose gigabytes of data to ensure you have lost something, loss of a file of size less than a megabyte can cause a irrecoverable damage, especially for writers"-- My experience.

'The completed writing' at the end is the sweetest fruit a writer can have in earth. This gives different pleasure and unmatchable satisfaction. With the developing technology, most of the writers have changed their way of writing, from classical pen and notebook to desktop/lappy. All thanks to Microsoft for their wide features available in office packages where writers can not only write and save, but auto correct, find, replace and change the needed word. While spelling and grammar check function helps write save the time in correction and self editing, the dictionary packages of synonyms and antonyms can give writing a new flavor. The security password options available in office give some privacy with protection but there is no assurance that our written file is safe.

I started writing my first dream novel, "In search of destiny" in December 2010 and I was doing the writing regularly in my college vacation of May-June 2011. Creativity were in the best ever of my life, literature from my perception were amazing and  Emotions were in high flow. Reaching through the half-way of Novel, I was expecting it to finish in next two months time when one day hardware failure in my desktop got hard disk crashed.  The result traumatized me. My dream looked shattered while my hard work went in vain. The only back up I had of my dream book was first 7 pages of the story stored in my email account which I had sent to my friends for their initial feedback. I couldn't get back the courage to recollect the words to rewrite it again which trashed my dream which is still incomplete even after two years of that incident

As an aspirant writer and through those nightmares I have come through, I have realized how important are the contents writer writes; although those files might be in negligible size. A Good writing is not mere the effort of hard work but also collection of emotions, thoughts, dreams, imagination and creativity which fades with times if not sketched in paper. So, there is a need of reliable destination where we can save our data with no fear of hardware failure. So, here comes Office 365 as a solution and a useful tool for my dream business as new product from Microsoft.

A question may arise, why Office 365 is needed for such small space files when these days email can handle those stuffs very easily. Editing and writing in email draft is a boring and classical idea as compose box of email gives limited facility. Downloading, editing through desktops and uploading it back to email will be like 20th century idea. while a chance of forgetting to upload may occur, while many files with the same name in email can bring confusions in download folder as well as inbox folder. Parallel Editing on cloud can't be found in normal email either.

My dream is to have a publication house where I can create a platform for both new as well as settled writers to publish their written dream which in together can motivate a society and lead towards a change. The job of selecting new books, proof reading, editing, and advertisement through social sites can be done through home only where  Office 365 will be a good platform. this will not only bring Microsoft office features on cloud but can also save office infrastructure bills and employed time if they are asked to do their work from home itself.

Through Office 365 small business plan, I can upload all new coming scripts on cloud where I will give permission to certain users according to job allotted for them. As any new content is uploaded, they can read it if the material is good enough for further processing. If it can be acceptable, I will also allot a temporary account to writer who can use office 365 for further writing. Along with his/her writing, parallel editing and proof reading can be done for the efficient and faster complete of work. This will make sure no any writer lose their content because of any hardware failure in their devices. Regarding the advertisement and promos of upcoming new releases, office 365 can be used to update status, news and photos in social networking site.

 The easy conferencing facility available can help set up meeting and discuss the things with employers irrespective of the places we are sitting. Email and calendar function will help everyone connected in each moment and remind the upcoming meeting and plans. The easy website publishing customized tools will be another attraction where my company won't need to hire another web-designer. This helps in saving the extra money as well as attractive customized webpage can be eye-catcher for viewers.  The easier step to publish blog through office 365 gives different option to how and when to post them and till what time it can be visible in web.

More ever, as office365 gives 20 GB of free sharing, that space can be well utilized if needed. This will give company worry free time regarding loss of their data as Microsoft are the most trusted and reliable brand.  

Overall, Office 365 will be great use for writers and publication house and the day I start with my business, I will surely exploit the use of office 365. The flexibility of working from anywhere through linked with cloud. After all, It is not the necessity that to lose big things, we need to lose big data. While smaller file can be very sensitive in terms of security, saving them in reliable place is also the need of time where Microsoft office 365 can be the best answer.

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