Dead Roses and Dead Soul

Dead Roses and Dead Soul No one saw his major loss

Every morning 
walking up to miles
he collects roses
with the hope
he can give them to her one day Every afternoon
forgetting disappointments
he collects hope
with the dream 
she will be with him one day Even by the end of the day,
those fading roses on his desk
and depressed soul within him,
both continue to live
with a desire of reconciliation someday Times changed
but she didn’t. His soul continues to breathe
he sprays water to roses
hoping neither of them dies
hoping they both live for one more day
where they can hope for one more. She never came back
she decided she won’t. Roses withered and died
his soul grieved and died.
He buried roses and his soul
with no hope of a further journey
with no desire for tomorrow. All saw dead roses
being sorry for its loss
but the dead soul within him
no one cared to search
and remained invisible forever. Suraj Ghimire 2020 This poem was first posted on

Music, today, tomorrow and forever....

Music are the important part of our life, No doubt on this. They are in every stages, its own from birth to death, with its own existence from morning to bed time, invincible and non-separable. when even animals enjoy in its melodious tune, Who will be the human who won't be loving this? After all, They laugh with music, they cry with music, they celebrate with music, they romance with music and they mourn with music. Music for today, tomorrow and for forever

I listen very few and limited songs with my own kind of music collections as i have always loved music and have kept it as part of my life. And especially saying, music has played a very important role in boosting my confidence and showing the way in every of my downfall and bad patch. Thanks to Music. let me say how!

The best I love in music is its Lyrics.  Whenever I listen to lyrics of the music, their words are like fresh morning dew while the melodious tune are the one which gives energy. Since my early childhood, I used to listen Nepali music (Nepali is my mother tongue). Sometime romantic and sometime sentiment Music, according to mood and time. Music expressing love between two birds while the relationship between friends, sometime sentiment one where a love bird is expressing sadness of missing other... They were all enjoying, memorable and worthy to sing (only when alone in room, because I always judge my voice to  be very poor). Yeah, Music played in church, they were a healing one that can quench thirst of peace at any moment of time. I just loved them.

They lyrics of songs are those which inspired me to write poem since early stages of my life. I started writing poems with my own immaturity, then slowly I started writing stories for my own level and with the passing of time, Writing became the part of my life which I can't keep it away despite being Student of Mathematics. People Say, Maths and writing contradiction to each other, Yeah, it may be.. But i have loved carrying these two poles with me and I will keep carrying till end of my life.

I too wish to write lyrics, may be someday.. I too wish to play music, hopefully someday soon.. But today, at this stage, if I remember, if i remember my writing and if i have to credit anyone for this life, it is music. I love music...

Musics I love: Hillsong musics, Don Moen and music in church, also some limited Nepali, Hindi and English numbers.

One of my favorite song is nepali song which i love its lyrics at most. It talks about the relationship of father-mother with children, relationship of friends, lovers and many more.. The Youtube link is given below

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