Modern Health Care, The blessing for Mankind, Yet...

Modern Health Care, The blessing for Mankind, Yet...

How does modern healthcare touch lives?

A year back when I had visited a general government hospital in Mumbai to get my eyes checked up, I was having a terrible time over there. Some outdated instruments along with a syringe checking if water poured in eyes is coming through nose, mouth and ear or not! Oh My God, just for checking if I need specs, such a horrible procedure! I didn't know what the name of procedure was, nor did I try to Google it out. Instead, I went to eye specialist who got done the work in minutes through his modern instrument and suggested me to take specs of certain power. Indeed Science has developed, new technology has evolved and even Health care are being modernized. In result, Millions of life are saved, new hopes have appeared and world has entered to the new stage of medication; isn't this one of the best gift by mankind for other human?

Tradition of medication and health care has been part of human life from very beginning in one or other form, but with the recent development of science, problems that had remain unsolved are no longer mystery, have been cracked to bring new hope and new assurance among dark and sophisticated life. From the beginning of anti-biotic to cure the diseases, evolvement of vaccine has helped in the way to eradicate different diseases/disorders like as of polio and small pox. Today we can find out the problem just with the help of a simple test. While X ray, Sonography, blood test helps find the disease, ECG, Angiography and Radio isotopes helps in investigation of the disease. Even disease like cancer is cured, the credit only to modern health care and people involved with it.

Not only the inner diseases, Modern health care has given a new journey to physically challenged person also. While artificial leg gives a person to step on his own leg, facilities of eye donation gives a new vision to blind people. Ear machine helps them to hear sound, may be they to enjoy the music as we do. What can be happier moment than this when a parent waiting for a child from long time are benefited with their own baby? Nothing can pay back. Nothing can bring back this happiness.

While this health care is being blessed, they also come with some cost, and many of the time, this cost has been the big burden for the people who severely needed it. Poor people find too hard to fulfill its expense. Though many trust and public hospitals are being established, they are still not sufficient for the people of Indian subcontinent. Government steps are being sufficient and rural areas are still lacking the quality health care.

Things look more worse when we see the other face of modern health care. There are even incidents where health facilities are being malpractice, they are taken as a business ventures and Greedy people are earning through many health scopes. For a simple diagnosis, people are asked to do numerous tests which are costing money to patient while Abortion of baby child in mother womb is being the concern of entire nation. Not even strict laws are able to stop these degradations.

It is the effort of many great humans that has brought a change in life style of people through health care, and for the problem regarding health care, only collective effort will come to its rescue. The day when every person will be having quality health despite of economic and social boundary, we can say then mission is Complete. Yeah, as I realized through a simple check how modern health care has been affective, many people also have.

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