The Story of Cat who lost her life (Beyond Human Emotions)

The story of cat who lost her life.

In one sense, she is just an animal. She is just a cat, Who cares!

She has grown all her childhoods in the same house. Don’t know how she arrived or if some family member brought her here, but since the time I took a rent in this house, She has been living in the home I have lived, She roams around the environment and comes to home during the time of lunch, dinner and night to sleep. Its not that we have a fixed time for meals, but irrespective of shuffling time, she arrives and stays outside the kitchen room to wait for her part. She eats chawal mixed with ghee or milk or curd as per availability. Ghee-chawal is her favorite. Sometime when she is hungrier, she comes before the dinner time and looks at the eyes of people she recognizes, to let them know she is hungry. There had been times when I had given food out of my plate as soon as rice was served for me and she had happily taken it. And she keeps expecting the same other day also.

Unlike the pet of other house, She was not given any name, perhaps the reason is she is not like a barking dog and people didn’t feel the necessity of calling her by a name. When people need to call her, they just say ’suri’ and she hurriedly runs towards the place. Through her cleverness, She guards not only home of my landlord but also ours; protecting clothes and papers from mice. Once or twice in a day she used to come nearby our room to produce a sound "Meow", smells if any rat is nearby and takes her prey if she finds. I wonder what she might do in those days if she don’t find any. Will a bowl of rice offered to her will be sufficient for her stomach?

The other big cat (not much big, but comparatively bigger than the cat residing in our home) for his strange and wild behavior was named "Dhade". Some of the time he used to come and attack the cat of our home and start fighting with her. Thought she used to attack back, but just to defend herself, most of the time she preferred hiding to some corner whenever she used to smell the arrival of ’Dhade’.

A month back she had given birth to two kittens. She might have been happy with her little child. I was speechless to see her Performing the roles of mother. She not only had nourished her kitten with needed food but also kept her protecting from ’Dhade’ that kept roaming around the house. As mother, to save her child, She hardly went far to collect the prey, and often kept roaming around her kittens. May be she had foreseen danger for her kittens from ’Dhade’. The same cat that used to hide and run away earlier, I got to see the aggressive nature on her of attacking ’Dhade’ whenever he came near by her kittens.

She knew that being a mother was not an easy task and hence she often kept wandering for food. One bad day when she had gone for food, Dhade unknowingly came and took her one of kitten. She couldn’t save it. She lost one of her child.

She didn’t want to lose other. Looking at her condition, I wished she had a pocket like kangaroo to keep safe her kitten with her. May be she too had prayed with God about it if she had ever learned about kangaroo. Still the poor mother kept pulling her kitten with herself wherever she used to go. Because of danger she couldn’t go in other house. She forgot meal timing even in our own house; concerned only about her one kitten. She dragged and pulled her wherever she used to go. May be she had dream of little kitten being able to walk properly, she might had dreamed little kitten to grow up to collect food on its own. May be many such small and tiny dreams...

But on this way of dragging and pulling, Perhaps she was not able to collect sufficient food . A few days later after her first kitten was killed, She decided to go on search for food again. She must had kept her kitten in some safe place. But even this time, with smells, Dhade came, hunted and took away her kitten. She lost her second kitten too. She lived to die twice within a week itself. She had lost her life though she was alive.

For next few days, she kept staying in a same place where she used to stay regularly with her beloved kitten. I kept giving food for her, her favorite ghee-chawal but she was hardly interested in it. She used to eat it, but after long time. She was mourning and She kept crying. May be she was expecting return of atleast one of her child through some miracles. May be she was praying to her own God; She definitely should had! I wish her prayers were answered.

She came back to her normal life, but this time She had lost her activeness. She looked thin than of earlier. She hardly goes outside our home, and hides to a corner with much fear whenever she knows Dhade is coming. She is afraid more, may be the memories and Dhade both hunting her.......

I wished I could have done something, but I couldn’t.....

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