What does Relationship with God means to you?

What does Relationship with God means to you?

Good Morning Friends.

Today morning, I switched on my laptop to see facebook,

There I Saw one of the posts from Joyce Meyer Ministries,

The question was

What does Relationship with God means to you?

For me,
My God is My savior, My Father, My Best Friend, My healer and My everything...
He is the one who is with me in every of my downfall and My success, 
From the moment before I wake up, and even till after I sleep....

As I checked up the comment box, I found beautiful answers and sharing. I thought why I should not share it as a post on my blog? I should... All answers I found here were inspiring to understand people's view regarding their relationship with God.

Few answers were "Everything......." Few others were "My sanity,", "My salvation".....

Other answers I could read on comment box are:-

Living in all His promises, trusting and knowing that He is God, thanking Him everyday for His mercy and grace, asking for His direction and sharing His love!-- Kindra Welch Roy:

It means knowing that God loves me so much that He will never abandon or reject me and that Gods' love can never be separated from me, and that I have a personal relationship with Him and can talk to him everyday about anything and everything.- By Karen Carlson

It means an everyday all day constant conversation with Him. It means love, kindness, honor, respect, dignity, being a good steward, compassion, humility. He is everything to me. My life is blessed because of the true relationship with Him. Isaiah 58:11- By Tracy McNeley

Talking to Him everyday, thanking Him, praying to Him, trusting Him, praising Him-- Dee Jacobs Patrick

It gives me hope! The fact that he died on the cross shows me how much he loves me and I any comprehend it! I love the fact that we can come boldly into his presence and that he forgives me and has a plan for me! My relationship with him helps me to live freely and live beyond myself! It's awesome to be able to talk to him at any time throughout the day and casts my cares and worries and it also encourages me to love others the way he loves me!!! It makes me sad to think of living my life without a relationship with God! He is so good!-- Talitha Abrahams

A relationship with God is precious to me because only Him can and will get me through life's journey. Amen-- Virginia Ann Rabellizsa-Collier

I have the assurance that my heavenly father loves me, and no matter what goes on with me in this life, He is my creator, savior, parent, sister, brother, friend. He is my everything.- Lanell Tates

Melanie Russell: Loving myself..the Christ n me...raising above and Staying focused on only his light within casting out all doughts and fears and then embrassing what's given threw the gift of doing so. Never myself but the Christ n me.

Deadra Sibert: Having a father and a friend who knows every thing about you, knowing he loves you even at your worst , to know him is to love him , treating him as if you are afraid to lose him, to love God is to fear him ,when you love someone you don't want to disappoint them because it could hurt your relationship with him even though he is a merciful God and he give us grace, you honor him by including him and being obedient to his word because he is the highest power .he deserve to be worshiped...and praised ..

Renee Wojnarek: Means starting every day with my shield and sword ... Walking by faith and defending my demons with the word of God.

Catherine Pidding :- It means someone loving me when I did not feel loved, someone who is always there, someone who I can tell my darkest deepest secrets to and He still cares, someone who never stops loving me no matter what I do or say, someone who will always love me, bless me, and give me His best!
My relationship with God is intimate, sacred, and so deep, and it never ends. God never stops amazing me even on my darkest days, He is so bright and big, He is matchless! There is no other that can or will ever compare. I don't understand why He loves me but I never want to be without Him! My relationship with God is everything! (:

Savannah Goodling: A forever unconditional friend

Agalean Lesstress Bn: blessed Love & Honesty. Trust & Forgiving. Peace & Health. Safty & Care.

Sandie Namaly: Cameron Eternal salvation. The deepest of love, the highest of trust and the joyest of joy.

Crystal Gutierrez: a relationship with the lord is a never ending journey thst provides hope,peace,and love.

Linda McIlmoyle - I used to think it meant studying the bible & obeying rules. God has been bringing me to understand that it means hearing Him, being immersed in His love & loving Him back, being aware of His presence with me all the time, Him ministering His love through me to other people

Adger Armstrong :Everything because without him I have nothing and I am nothing

Sherry Jeu :I can ask God for direction, protection. I can get up in the morning knowing that He loves me. I know He has wonderful things for me, although I may currently be walking through a valley of the shadow of death. It means that He loves to hear me sing to Him even if I am out of tune, I can dance for Him and He loves it, even if I don't get all the steps right. HE LOVES ME, ALTHOUGH I MAKE MANY MISTAKES. HE LOVES, LOVES ME. He is patient with me when I don't think He cares because He is not on MY time schedule. HE LOVES ME. I love Him. Although I am still just barely grasping who HE REALLY is, He LOVES ME.

Christal Vigil:- At once I only attended Sunday church and that alone was good enough. I never felt the urge or want for more but always felt empty no matter who r what inhad in my life. I've been on my knees begging for answers. My relationship with God over the last two years has risen in faith beyond my own expectations. I continue to be given confirmation this has led my relationship with God to be intimate--more of a relationship than just a religion. For my faith revealed his love. My soul yearns for his word, yearns to worship and to do for him and to be more involved. I'm waiting for my calling. God has strengthened me in all ways and this whole time that I've been given knowledge through his wisdom "the bible" I see myself becoming less like the world and more like him. I feel as if my heart is being conditioned.Through him I am greater "For he who is in me is greater than he who is in the world" one of my favorites! His love is pure and innocent it's the same type feeling you get when you're in love with someone. There have been times that I get distant and feel so empty --when I fall short my heart begins to weep and I cry for my savior but when in his presence my cries are of Joy-beauty-pure ness-faithfulness-I see his love-I feel his spirit it's amazing isn't it to love a God who died for our sins. My religion was about me but now my relationship with God has shown me that is really not anymore... For those of you who are distant or do not know it never hurts to give it a shot right... Bible tells me that "blessed are those who hear and believe but do not see" it's the faith that brings us closer into relationship and that faith has blessed me abundantly! My love has grown indeed--that to me is my relationship with my God and my savior...

I myself couldnt read all comments,
here is the link to post...

and Don't forget to comment below What Does Relationship with God means to you?



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