Fall Begins the Journey

Let the fall begin

Date:- 25th March 2016

Prequel:- A lady whom I had severely loved had blocked me because of the situation. She initiated the conversation herself after a few months. I was so happy being on cloud nine. I thought this was the day I got her in my life. But then...

Facebook  Conversation with my college Junior (and Sister) Sampurna.

Suraj:- Do you know, two years back on the same day, I found her again. And when she came back, she began as if she has come for forever...

Sampurna:- But then she went again for forever.

Suraj:- Believe me, that was one of the most beautiful parts of my life.

Sampurna:- Till the most beautiful part of our life come again.

Suraj:- Amen. That is the reason, even though love excites my literature so much, I have not searched or looked for anyone in the last two years, or maybe I have not found someone I wish to see. perhaps I have not found anyone like her.

Sampurna:- This means she never went anywhere. This means She was your life and the central theme of your literature always.

Suraj:- But I have hardly written anything in the last eighteen months...

Sampurna:- It is just as simple as you have never met or talked with her in the last eighteen months.

Suraj:- I will finish this writing someday.

Sampurna: But your love story shall still continue. It will never end.

Well, I always felt I could never replace her. But that was not the case. Time changes, the situation gets turn and overall, I believe the way your heart will feel will also change. 

She blocked me, she unblocked me. But she was not coming back to be for a lifetime. 
Maybe we were not destined for each other. 

Yes, I think that her arrival was just The Beginning of The END of my story for her. 
But yes, it was also true, FALL begins the journey. In every aspect.

Let the fall begin... Because that fall made exodus for a beautiful story to come that I have been sharing since last two years. 


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