What if She resembles me?

When he comes across a soul, similar to the one he wanted to meet since ages, he is hesitant in moving a step forward. Though omen and signs are as if she is the one, he is still hesitant in moving a step forward. A war of thoughts between himself, asking himself what if she is just not a co-incidence? 

What if She resembles me?

Maybe She is just an imaginary,
This is what I always thought
Out of my creation, through poems
and through many stories I penned
There was 'She', the only one
The one I used to write, the one I had sketched!

In those dim appearance, faded, unclear
From my imagination, till dreams
In lowest visibility, I memorized her
I captured the one I wanted to meet
There was my Beloved, the only one
The one I used to hear, The one I had talked!

Maybe she is one to have never existed
I said to myself, I consoled myself
Hoping she will come from somewhere
To read what all I had written till now
There will be 'She' in the coming future,
The one I used to imagine, The one I noted!

Then in the midst of the day, As I got a glimpse of her,
I exclaimed, "My God! She resembles Her"
In my greatest confusion, I recalled Her
She talks like her, She is like the written Her
None other than my prolonged desire, the only one
The one I used to wait, The one I had created

From my visualization to her appearance
Maybe similar, Maybe 'not to be ever mentioned'
Apart nickname, Apart things she adores
More than the way she expresses herself
There is She somewhere, mine, divinely anointed,
The One Who Loved, The one I shall love back!

With my confusion, If I let her go away
What if She is not just a coincidence
With the presence of signs and omens revealed,
What if She is the precise as a prayer answered
B'Coz There is many that she resembles me
The one whom I am for, the one for me.

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