The sacrifice of perfidy soul

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The Valentine season is on. This has set itself as a modern tradition among the urban area of South Asia (primarily India and Nepal) and its youth. There are people for whom this season matters more than any other festival while there are people who ignore its existence. During all these years, I have seen many love-birds growing and sometimes even departing from each other, but there is one story which had remained as an unsolved mystery for many of my friends and has deeply touched my heart in the final year of graduation college in Mumbai.

Photo by Makenna Entrikin on Unsplash
Simran(Name changed) is one among the good looking Gujarati girl in our College. She was well known not only for her beauty but also for her talent and her breathtaking anchoring during college festival. Her presence in many college-level activities had increased her stardom. In the first and second year of college, she used to be seen mostly with her limited group in our class; specifically with her school friend "Avinash."

They were in love with each other since their schooling time, which continued well until the second year of college. In the mid-phase of third-year college, during the last days of the year 2011, she broke up with Avi for some undisclosed reason. It was unexpected for many of us and shock for Avi himself. Avi gave his best to reconcile with her in that relationship, but she was determined not to hear him. Her body language had changed since then, and she was seen rarely in any college-level activities.

In the starting days of 2012, she was seen with some another guy from third-year Commerce. In the second week of Feb, he proposed her and she accepted. No doubt the boy had liked her since second-year college, but people were questioning about her faithfulness and commitment. Her relationship with Avi was an example for many in the first two years of colleges, which is just a fairy tale for now. How can a girl break out of a relationship in a silly reason? Even if she does, what made her be with someone in just two months? This was blame and indirect insult by people talking behind her back, which she couldn't stop. It was her life, and she had free will to do. Who are we to speak and gossip her when she is happy? People had words of sympathy for Avi and bad words for Simran. I hope you know what extent of bad words can be.

In those college time, when I had seen her, I had found her as a committed and responsible girl. Everything mattered for her, including the relationship. There was a time when she used to save every bit of happiness for Avi, and I have even seen her crying with him in the ground floor room 003. We never had much interaction, but whenever we used to pass through each other, she used to give a broad smile to me. While I was expecting her to be back with Avi, finding her with somebody else was something which my eye couldn't believe.

I wanted to know the reason. But it was as tricky as research is done. Simran herself wouldn't answer me and asking all this with Avi was like putting salt in his wound. I thought there must be something hidden.

But even now, I could see some part of her being stuck in miserable pain. Though she had still her broad smiles tagged in her face, she was not happy. She is herself crying for her beloved love and staring him in unknown ways. I tried going more rooted in her love story to explore a new dimension out of it. What I found not only paralyzed me but also it increased respect in enormous ways for that girl who had made a sacrifice.

Avi was a Malayali boy while Simran was from typical Jain family. Her parents wanted to marry her with the boy of their cast. Thus she never had shared about her relation with Avi in her family. Falling in Love was a blind mistake. Avi had assured many times that he will convince her parents, and she was optimistic about it. But during the second year of college, her father had to go through cardiac surgery. This made her more insecure about her relationship. She decided to sacrifice it for the sake of her parents. The other new guy was from her own caste, and he even loved her. Thinking her parents would have no problem with him, she accepted him, which brought happiness for both her parents and her newfound love.

At the moment when she offered herself a sacrifice for many happiness, people were talking bad words for her. Her decision of never even trying to convince her parents was surely not wise, but there could have been no proper role she could be than as a daughter. The inner side of me wanted her to wait for the excellent time to come, but the redefined definition of love was'her parents and their happiness.' Because she knew, even if they would have accepted Avi, she would have made her parents down in the eye of their relatives. She took the most accessible way considering all the pain to herself.

Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

Today, many such daughters give up every of their happiness for their parents, including the sacrifice of their first juvenile love. Only the inner part of them knows the extent of their suffering on this journey. I wonder Even the mirror image of her would have unnoticed the tears she had been whisking. Even I have heard about many such boys who takes that step keeping all the blame of perfidy soul.

Salute to all of them who have sacrificed their one love to save another!!

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