An Event that I always wanted to attend...

An Event that I always wanted to attend...
(Friendship of togetherness)

Suman (Somnath Suman) is one among the closest person of my life and we have been best friend for each other since last six years. It wouldn't be wrong if we call each other as brother because we had share every happening of our life, whether that be our favorite food, either our studies or relationship issues. Overall, it feels good to have someone who cares for you so much without any expectation and it feels good to hold their hands in return when they are in need.

After completion of my graduation in Mumbai, I had to go to New Delhi for my further studies. So he was one among very few reasons of missing Mumbai. Although we were not able to meet, we could still communicate with each other every week. Thanks to VOIP service available in form of Skype and viber.

After my MSc, I went back to hometown and I was not sure when I will come back to Mumbai. He asked me if I can visit him to Mumbai in his 25th birthday, I could only say I will try.

Meanwhile in the same time, I had to visit Mumbai for some university work pertaining to documents. So I thought of giving him surprise. After arriving Mumbai, before two days of his birthday, I went to his home without letting him know and he was stunned to see me. At that moment, hugs could only consolidate the fact of presence. No any things could measure our happiness of meeting again after a year. Though we were always updated about each other life, we still felt as if we have so many things to talk and so many to share. His parents were also happy to see me there and I not only had good time of talking with Suman, but also with his parents. His mother asked me about my daily life, my family, my love life while his dad shared me many things about careers and life after study. It was beautiful moment meeting him and his family.

Suman had grown up his beard that would make him look like Romeo deeply in Love. But that was not all about him. He had already secured seat in one of the premier B School of Mumbai. He had overcome through many failures. It was good to see him work hard for his career. He asked me to stay in his home till the time I am in Mumbai. I agreed.

Next few days, we visited many places that we often used to visit before. Worli sea-face, BandStand, Nariman Point and Inorbit mall of Vashi. Getting me in his birthday moment was a gift for him and to share that moment with him was my pleasure.

Mean while, I got to share him another good news. I had applied as Lecturer in one of college and I was offered a job. He was happy to hear this as he always wanted me to work in Mumbai. Together with his family and his friends, we celebrated his Silver jubilee birthday. An event I would have always wanted to attend.

Our college was different, we studied different subjects, our ethnicity and mother tongue were different, we followed different religion, yet we shared the beautiful bonds of friendship. In all these durations, many girls came and went through our life, but we are friends and hope we shall always be. Never knew that our board examination, while asking us to appear for examination, it would offer us such solution that can be applicable in every stages of our life.
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