The Happiness I Starve for

How shall I define ‘happiness’? Every other people will have their own definition. Every of those happiness comes through different way. Sometime they are meant to be just for a moment while sometime they come to stay in our life for a lifetime. Irrespective of their existence; irrespective of our remembrance; if they are meant to bring smiles within us, they are meant to be for happiness.

Living in city of Mumbai is tough. But at a same time, I find many small and small reasons that keeps giving me happiness. While traveling, if I get my desired bus or train without no wait, it makes me feel blessed. In a sunny day, drinking a glass of cold water or juice refreshes rejuvenates. Having a long weekend gives us happiness, but all these are one which I need it again and again.

For somebody like me who is working in different sectors at a same time, I find many ways to receive happiness. These days, I am working as an Analyst. There are lots of coding to do and getting a command run in SPSS with no-error satisfies me. When my manager gives me any task with faith makes me feel lucky. As a writer, when somebody tells me that they are really touched by my writing, I find immense pleasure in those feedback. I always wanted to reach people and reaching people gives me unlimited joy. As a teacher, my happiness is among the happiness of my students. When I find them through with difficult sums, I find extraordinary happiness within them which is true happiness for a teacher. Their good marks, their success and their consistency is something every teacher loves to see and even I do. In this academic teaching of one year, when I find students being motivated to do their best, it makes me dance as like never before. Everywhere I find happiness, I keep thanking my God that he has given me so many good time.

There is one more world where I find my comfort, the place where I find my true happiness. Within that smile, within that arms and in that territory I feel safe, lucky and blessed. Food that she prepares for me is always a treat. Her voice through which she calls me is an angelic. “To have always been loved by her” is a blessing and this gives me happiness. Yes, everything of my mother gives me happiness. Throughout all struggling of life, she has been with me without any condition. Her support means so much to me and finding all of them in a single life gives me happiness.

I love finding these happiness within me but again I know finding myself smiling is not the ultimate happiness I want in my life. Yes, there are something more which I starve every other day. That is none other than happiness that I find in her. When I call her just for a minute, she finds happiness in it. When I send my small amount of earning, she loves them through all her heart. When I give her surprise gift, she is happy to receive them. Most of all when my gift is in form of my physical presence, that makes her happy. When I give her a surprise visit, she hugs me to share her happiness and that is something which gives me biggest happiness in this world, unmatchable, rare and that happiness which was meant only for me, only because of me.

I wish I could always find this happiness with me.


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