A small Step for Huge leap in #DigitalIndia

A small Step for Huge leap #DigitalIndia

Few days back I went to submit bank voucher for CSIR NET exam. Though form can be filled online there, deposit of examination fees was to be paid through Indian Bank Only. I kept wishing had CSIR given option to deposit examination fees online, it would have been so convenient and my few hours would have been saved.
Two weeks back, I had to visit BEST bus depot to recharge bus smart card. I gave cashier Rs 2000. Normally BEST bus conductor doesn’t accept money denomination of 500 or more because of many fraud notes. He accepted it only after noting down note serial number including my name and contact number. I asked him, "why BEST don't keep facility of debit card payment in counter, this will not only simplify work but also minimizes risk of fraud note?" He replied that card payment is too big dream for BEST. It made me remember one of my friend saying me, "Not all people of India have gone online by now." How true! Though India contribution in facebook user comes within top 3 nation, we are still unaware about online transaction. When most part of country has adapted towards smart phone, we are clueless how beautiful can digitalized India be. Yes, it will be. Here are few sectors where I wish government could adapt method of digitalization.
As an analyst working for analytic sector, we note huge difference of accuracy in digital survey than of traditional survey of pen and pencil. The country census that is done once in every ten year is really expensive. Last census of 2011 was in pen-paper mode. I wish when government prepares for Census 2021, they could think about mobile/tablet based application where interviewer could go face to face and take interview. Data punching will be so easy leading to minimize human error. This method of survey might need a detail training but it wouldn't be so difficult after all. We can keep this census data for future reference which can be major boost for planning and development. If we can link the census time with aadhar card, it will be added benefit. Intel big data analytics methodology can come handy in this case.
Bank Quee is one of the main reason for frustration. Not every person affords to open account in private sector bank. So every time I had to go to bank for any work, I had to take half day leave, especially if my destination is State bank of India. But thanks to Cash Deposit machine (CDM) which has made banking comfortable. How good it would be if there exists options to pay by card in government cash counter or online payment could be made instead of demand draft. Yes, not all people have adapted to card/online payment, but adding option of online will surely make things easier for many people.

Recently government of India has started online website name digilocker https://digitallocker.gov.in  where we can keep our important documents for future reference. It helps in saving time from verification of documents each and every time we need to submit our document. State government of Delhi has announced E-ration Card where people can apply for ration card through online. We have option to apply driving license/pan card through online. If this campaign is to promoted stating what types of documents are needed, high expense to be paid to broker can be eliminated.

In our daily life, we face many problems. Including arrogancy of auto driver to cheating by individual/group. Filing complain through our physical presence is time consuming and hectic which many of us don't do. How easier life would be if there was an online option to file complaint against any government servant, auto driver or fraud marketing. From a loss reporting of sim-card and mobile to tracking missing report of vehicles, if they could be brought on online, we can solve many things easily. Lost mobile IME details can be automatically forward to telecom operator and mobiles can be tracked wherever they are. Lost vehicles details if sent to toll plaza, they can be stopped from misuse. There would be no need of visiting police station to enquire tracking details, no one can say our file is missing. Criminal record updated by police station can automatically bare major criminals from contesting elections.

All these major steps are small in today's time, but if implemented properly, they are set to bring huge leap in coming days when we take our way for digital India. Digitilization not only brings efficiency in finding and research, it can also help in bringing down the corruption and criminal level. Country biggest problem of black money can be addressed through digital mode But not to forget our another half of population which might need one more decade to go online. While we walk towards digital mode, we can bring scheme to upgrade their life and spread awareness of digital mode. 

Suraj Ghimire


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