My first smart phone!

My first smartphone #ChoosetoStart.
Smart phones have changed the face of telecom and internet unexpectedly in last three years. In all this time affordable smart phones have helped people to do many things in a single click, they have also upgraded social networking platform. While whatsapp has redeemed us from expensive and limited sms service, many application has indeed simplified person life.
With so many beautiful features, who wouldn't want to buy one? Even I wanted. But my wait for smart phone prolonged almost for two years which got fulfilled only after I completed my  post-graduation. It came  as gift from my mother for my successful completion of masters studies. I bought Nokia lumia 625. When I hold it in my hands, It was like more important than master degree certificates earned.

My first application:-
I didnt need to install it though as it was pre-installed in my phone. And it can be none other than whatsapp. I had started using whatsapp few months back, but that was on my laptop. Installing bluestack on laptop gave me chance to use android application and I have used them no. of times but again, smart phone is smart phone. After registering my whatsapp account, i messaged my dears and close one saying, Hey, I am on whatsapp on my smart phone now! I owned touch screen device for the first time, it was difficult to type first, but then i adapted it with time.

Windows limitation!
I was not able to find desired application as windows lacked many basic features that android offers. File manager and many application were missing in store while windows still dont have chrome and vlc media player, still it was worth celebrating because I had a smart phone then. For a moment, I wished there were some cheaper phone in android at that time.

The first Experience...

Exams were over and I had a new phone. What else reason needed? From temple run to whatsapp and from Gre-Vocab cards to job portal mobile application, I made most of it from my smart phone. GPS was one of the important application that helped me to travel any place. Not to forget selfie, though secondary camera of my phone was just 0.3 mp, I loved taking selfie either that be alone or with friends. More ever, taking panaroma image of beautiful scenario was the one i really enjoyed. Yeah, whatsapp on the go, free from computer and I could communicate with my best friends in our group as per convenience. Surfing internet was never so easy before, thanks to smartphone internet network by airtel in Delhi circle.

Next few days, wherever I went, It was my smartphone and its camera that dominated. Along with time, I was enjoying music and video watching. Not only luxury time, I could read my notes and pdf books including novel through smart phone. While I joined job, my smartphone helped me not only in proper communication but also in preparing for lectures as I used to study online material during journey. It saved lot of my time. Applications like m-indicator helped me to travel in mumbai while GPS still helps me track the road I am traveling. Most of all, I could read Bible at any time.

Who says smartphone consumes our time? It didn't at least not of mine. Instead it helped me utilize my traveling time by letting me play wonderful music and allowing me to read online notes at a same time. That phone I am still using can recharge my mobile at anytime and I can look for online shopping offers as available. It is all in human hands to use as per our convenience.

Though I wished I had some better android phone, I was happy to atleast have a smart phone. And days with this were as memorable as first love. Yeah.

Uploading some of my first photos taken through my mobile. My first image through my smart phone, My first selfie, My first selfie with my little sister, My first click from my hostel room and first panorama image that I clicked.

My First photo clicked by my friend in hostel.

Beautiful Scenario of Nehru park and Ashoka hotel from Akbar Bhawan, One of my first click from my smart phone.

My first selfie...

My first selfie with a little doll...

Panorama Image that I clicked, my first.


  1. I still remember my first phone. The way I used to explore it. I used to use a Samsung Galaxy wood case for my phone. The case is so durable and eco-friendly.


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