love letter - My Few words to my Dearest angel

My Few words to my Dearest angel
(love letter)
Lots and lots of warm greetings to you, unknown sweet and most beautiful lady of the world.Firstly I want to beg a pardon of sorry for disturbing you and taking your valuable time.I don’t know what name I should give this letter that I wrote for you which is being read currently on a sweet whisper by your lips. I never know what the change might be on you and your life after reading this letter so if this letter hurt you; please forget these moments as a night mare of your life.On the very first day when I passed by you, something came and settled on my eye. Although it was harming it was also giving lots of excitement and joy in my life, so I thought well to not to wash it out. As I went to my home that day, I asked my friend to see on my eye and find out what the impurities was which had settled over there. He could find nothing.But as time went out passing those things began to give lots of pain in my heart and spiritual life producing only the fear about tomorrow and my single future. So the next morning I saw myself on the mirror. I was totally surprised when I got to know someone out of my world was resting on my eye. My mouth could produce not a single tune. Oh my dear lord, I found the image of a girl on my eye. That beautiful girl was from not of my world, perhaps from heaven because she is only the reason behind experiencing spiritual satisfaction of happiness and success in an as least as twenty four hours. Being no late I named her angel, yeah angel because she was angel of my dream, answer of my praying and blessing of my lord father. I was really excited to know that I have found angel of my dream who shall be decorating my life. Dear, that angel was non other than you. Yeah my dear I got to know that I had fallen in first sight love with you. So my eye was often and often searching you. The fear generated inside my heart was the fear of loosing you. Still I couldn’t stopped my self to dream my wonderful tomorrow which made me felt that I am circumspect by bundle of happiness, love and success. In all planning I kept you before me, thinking you are the inspiration of my modest life. So I decided to go and reveal all these secrets to that most beautiful girl of my life. I decided to propose you. But as I came near by you the next morning, I could find nothing special for me in your eye. There was no thirst of love in your lips, nor could I find any place on your heart. Finding the place on your heart, it sounds so stupid, isn’t it? How could I even think about this? I had forgotten that I was none other than stranger for you. Later on I convinced my self. I realized that I was of no importance to that girl and her heart for which I had dreamed lots of dream in a single day. Yeah dear you never had recognized me; still those moments will be one of the best of my life.Here, if anyone has done any crime then that’s me. But this crime of falling in love with you was not on my hands. Yeah world might say it is my mistakes, but I only know to what extent my life has changed due to this mistakes because the image and moments dreamed for you, had already clouded my life by permanent marker. It would be never deleted, so you shall be my heart till the end of my life as my first love.My these nonsense word don’t tell or ask you to reply or love me because I know I am never eligible to be even compared to dust of your shoes. Sorry for disturbing you and I promise I shall never come back to disturb you again in your life. Please be happy and keep on smiling forever.Lastly I wan a thank you for your arrival in my life. Thanks a lot; I shall be happy thinking that I found my most beautiful angel of my life. Signing out for forever and forever and I wan a Wishing and praying for all your success. Good bye.Suraj Ghimire in search of destiny


  1. awwww that was cute!! i say cute because i have no clue as t who this angel is...


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