poem- colors of love

Colors of love

Remembering the tasteless life before I realized this color
Crying for the useless life before I got this color
The color of life, the color of joy and color of success
People say somewhere it is similar to color of love, color of love

I used to dream of being overshadowed by color of love
I used to pray with my lord asking to show me this color of love
Didn’t knew whether it was red, whether it was white or any other
Only knew it would be like my heart, to remain in my heart

This color has gifted me such a many things I can’t explain
This color has changed me on such way I can’t express
Still I got it, I realized it, and I went to follow it, to find it
Then got to know Color of my love was not from my place

Truly this color of love is today my reason to live
I want to keep it thinking as yours, yeah only and only your gift
Your arrival made all these things happen, all these created
You are that same color of love, my color of love and color of my life
Color of my life
Color of my love
Color of my heart
Color of my love


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