poem- love is life

Love is life

Somewhere in the days where I was searching stars to count
And frustrating in night where the rainbow was never found
Besides kissing infinite failure, I was browsing for my destination
Because I knew there would be my destiny to teach me some lesson

Never knew what my life was meant for, whom it was meant for?
Could never understand what its achievements are, scarified what for?
So to search destiny, I traveled whole world to find meaning of life
To get inspire, I try to remember my past, but often get terrified

But one day, came here a sweet angel who gave me definition of life
She said “inside the lake of joy, one should forget ocean of tears”
I will take you to valley of peace so that you will be happy till last end
And the whole world will say you; your love is your life

My life had never tasted been so good before, as it is today
Because today I got to find my destiny in form of my love
And these love where enough to forget the entire bygone fault
Because of the only reason people often say life is to get a love

So today, I can proudly say for me my love is my life
The only reason to live, the only to survive, love as my life
All pain disappears in front of that loving girl who was so super
She said, the world never matters, for you I shall never be so cruel

Yeah from today, my every breath shall be meant for my love
My life will be always willing to live and be with my love
My life is meant for my love, because for me my life is my love
My days will be dedicated for my love; I will be for my love

Love for life, my life for my love and I am for my love
Because she said love is life, love was for life and shall be only for life
Love for life
My life shall be for my love


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