For that beautiful angel, who came in my life,
As sun in the morning, with new ray to give light.
Gifting me bunch of smile to make my body alive,
For that beautiful angel, who gifted me bunch of smile

That moment I had dream was not a dream any more
Becoming a part of my heart, living at internal core
Inspiring me to reach new world of joy and happiness
For that beautiful angel, who pulled me from darkness.

Life was meaningless and tasteless before your arrival here
Days were full of clouds with dangerous storm and fear
You leaded me to universe of heaven where I got peace
You are that beautiful angel who shall always be missed.

For what you have done, for what you have given
I shall be thankful ever and ever for making me human
You showed me my destination, leading to infinite success
My life for that beautiful angel, who was so loveliness

Had never expected, I would ever miss so much to someone
Had never imagined, I would ever change myself for someone
Had never dreamed, one day I shall fall in lovely world
My love for that beautiful angel, for fulfilling every word.
My life for that beautiful angel.
My love for that beautiful angel.

By- Suraj Ghimire
From novel: Sneha, My love for that beautiful angel
(“Is she my passion or ambition?”)
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