Oh My LORD, My Saviour,

Oh My LORD, My Saviour!

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

On the den of evil, where I was paving towards death,
Dropping my tears had never expected life as so modest
Letting me feel alone, I kept on growing, even my sin
Saw no one to save me, as joy was limited only in dreams

To open my closed eye, once came in my life, a stranger,
Showing me rays of a new morning, saving from death and danger
Taking me to the valley of peace, where my dream came true,
Gave new life to live, led me to holy city of the living crew.

There I got to know, someone had sacrificed his life to save me,
Got crucified to die in the human world due to people like of me
Being buried, he resurrected on the third day to win deadly death
Oh dear! He was my Lord who was here to make my faith.

On the time, I got in poor health; he cared me in my own bed
Every time I was going to wrong he showed me a signal of red,
Often I got reduced on my knee; he carried me to my success,
When I was frustrated, he gave me living words to encourage.

Accepting me as children, he helped in all my positive steps
Blessing with the Holy Spirit, he never left me alone any days
Of my life, he is a great friend and a true inspirer,
Not only father, but he is also my lord and a spiritual savior.

Oh My LORD, My Saviour, I thank you for your company

I wan a dedicate my life as your servant, being a missionary.


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