poem- true love is painful

Pain of love

On the way trying to search The definition of love,
On this world trying to realize the importance of love
I found a simple name on my world of love, nilanjana
I got a simply reason to live on this world, nilanjana

What a great success was it for me, what a great achievements
What a living inspiration it was, for her what a unconditional love was
I tried to dream my rest of life with the dream girl of my life
I tried to share my pain with the angel of my life, girl of my life

Yeah the pain I had wanted to share with her was the pain of love
The pain I wanted to share was the pain of my unconditional thoughts
Why, why I often feel my self in pain despite she being with me?
Why, why I often feel like loosing her, despite I never got her in my life

The pain of my love, it was which It often used to make me worried
It was the pain of my love, pain for the falling in love with someone
The pain of spiritual world where I had often wanted to fall,
The pain of physical world where I had often wanted to get of

Still this pain of love gives me some hope for tomorrow morning
Still this pain of love gives me some reason to live and to go ahead
Whatever my pain, may my angel never get this type of pain
Still I wanted to give her some happiness despite myself getting pain of love

Don’t know if this pain will give me her tomorrow company or not?
Can’t think if this pain will continue to give the other pain or not?
Still in front of world happiness, I shall be choosing this pain to live
Still in front of heaven, I shall be dreaming to near by her to have this pain

Because today I have found the new reason to live nilanjana
Because today I got a new happiness to decrease my pain, nilanjana
For the coming seven generation, I wan a get this pain from u, nilanjana
Even if I didn’t get u, I shall be praying for through out my life, nilanjana
The new reason to live, nilanjana
The new reason to smile nilanjana
The pain of happiness to feel, nilanjana
The beautiful angel of my life, nilanjana


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